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Online Shop FREEAn online store has several benefits, whether you use it to sell products alongside your conventional business or as a standalone e-commerce venture.

Use the Benefits of Youtube and Facebook and read our list of Top5 reasons why an online shop could be great for your business.

  1. Reduced overheads – in general, an online store costs less to set up and run than a physical shop, although it’s important to recognise that making e-commerce work requires continuing investment.
  2. Lower marketing costs with better targeting: online promotion can be more precisely aimed at potential customers than using conventional media. It’s also much cheaper, for example, to send a marketing message by e-mail to 1,000 customers than it is to send 1,000 newsletters by post.
  3. Expanded geographical reach: a local business can become nationwide or, depending on the product, international, just through having an effective e-commerce strategy. Bear in mind that if you do sell outside the UK, you’ll need to comply with regulations and understand tax and import/export issues.
  4. Being open for business 24/7: with automated order and payment processing, sales can be made at any time, and customers can buy when it suits them. Research shows that the most popular time for online shopping is 12pm to 2pm weekdays, and on Sunday evenings.
  5. Another marketing channel: your online store can support your digital marketing efforts by including customer reviews and testimonials.

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